More than a
software house

We are a software house in Pisa.
Now we are

Our Vision

We love what we do.
With this passion we develop incredible things.
With our tencity we offer wonderful services.


We develop using the most modern and secure tools of the market by offering your businness just what you were looking for.
If you want to sell online you will discover our experience in UI and UX, if instead you look for a web app you will appreciate our dynamism and experience with the best technologies in the sector.


We think your e-commerce must be like your store. As you want it and not as it usually is because it is your business and only you know it. We can help you create the right online sales tool by integrating it with your flow

Custom Software

Very often people have ideas, beautiful and brilliant but how do you turn them into a digital product? Well .. at this point we can also develop a software sewn on your specific needs unique and exceptional. To help you with these projects we equip ourselves with the best tools, because only good food can come out with good ones.

Wordpress & Plugins

He is a friend of us and we know him very well. With him we have done beautiful things. Many people think that it is a small and unreliable but trust that with his side is a bomb! Its only limit is our ability to support it and believe me we are good at it.



We think that offering the services on which you base your business is a matter of trust, and we do not take it lightly. We offer only what we think may be the best for you and that can give you an edge. We rely on strong suppliers worldwide, leader in their sector, creating a series of simple but unique services in their completeness and robustness.

Case History

The best partners to do even better
With the best ingredients, the best dishes are cooked.
We believe it is the same with partners

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