About us


The strength of the team, the team, is the beating heart of Holocron. Thanks to the multidisciplinary figures that the structure has inside, Holocron is able to offer a linear and precise workflow. The workflow is mainly based on an in-depth initial analysis at the customer to identify their needs in order to continue with the functional and technical analysis, fundamental elements for proceeding with the correct development of the project.

From zero to hero

From the intuition of the two founders coming from two different cities (Pisa and Bagnara Calabra) Holocron S.r.l. is born. Located in the heart of Tuscany from the predisposition to research and technologial innovation and thanks to the professionalism of the collaborators who distinguish the company since the beginning. As of today it can proudly have an headquarter in Pisa, commercial, administrative and development venue. An entire staff, made from specialized staff, guarantees assistance and consulence to professionals and enterprises in the development of projects. The will to propose new solutions represents the competitive advantage of Holocon S.r.l. who continuously invests to achieve new milestones with the energy and enthusiasm of who can look forward considering his strong roots.